How long does an otitis media last?
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Otitis is the inflammation of the eustachian tube in the ear. This tube may become blocked by a bacterial or viral infection or by enlarged adenoids. Fluid produced by the inflammation cannot drain off through the tube and instead collects in the middle ear. This can last a few days to a few months. If the fluid does not clear up after three months or more, it is called chronic otitis media.

What is Otitis Externa

Otitis externa is an infection, inflammation, or irritation of the ear canal, the tube leading from the outer ear to the eardrum. Because it is often found in swimmers, particularly in warm, humid climates, it is often referred to as swimmer's ear. This condition can easily be treated but can become serious, even life-threatening in some people, if left untreated. This can be very serious particularly in diabetics , where the infection can spread to the middle and inner ears, and cause an infection in the bone ( Osteomyelitis ), described as malignant otitis externa. Contact your doctor if you think you may have otitis externa.

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