How long does it take to die from dehydration?
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Without adequate water, the bodies system of balance and cooling cannot be active. As you continue to sweat or heat, without recovering water in some form, you will dehydrate. In 50 degree weather, it will take approximately ten days to die from dehydration. In 80 degree weather it will take nine days to die without water. In 120 degree weather, it will take only two days to die. To avoid dehydration always intake as much fluid as you’re putting out. If you are exerting yourself more than usual, be sure to rehydrate with electrolytes. If dehydration is suspected, drink plenty of fluid and go to the emergency room if vomiting, dizziness, and migraines are present.

What is Dehydration

Dehydration is the condition that results from excessive loss of water from the body. The body requires a certain amount of water and other elements, called electrolytes, to function properly. Fluids are lost through sweat, urine, bowel movements, and breathing. Drinking and eating both help to replace fluids, especially drinking. When the body loses too much water and it is not replaced, dehydration sets in.

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