How to get rid of callus on my palm?
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First, soak your hand in warm water for approximately 20 minutes. You can mix a mild soap or anti-septic lotion into the water to help soften the callus. If the callus is small and fairly new, applying moisturizer will remove it. If the callus is tough, you will need to exfoliate with a pumice stone. Using the pumice stone, rub the callus in a circular motion. The callus should begin to peel off. After the callus is removed, apply a moisturizing lotion to help prevent the callus from returning.

What is Calluses and Corns

A callus is an abnormal thickening of the top layer of skin, which is composed of the natural protein, keratin. Calluses can form on body surface areas that are repeatedly exposed to friction or pressure. They are usually painless or only mildly painful.

A corn is a small, thickened area of skin that forms on the toes. Corns put pressure on the underlying skin against the bone, and they are usually very painful.

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