How to get rid of hammer toes?
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There are different treatment options for hammer toes. It just depends on the severity of the problem as to which is best for this problem. One option is to wear good-fitting shoes. Another option is getting a drug prescription from a doctor that will reduce inflammation and ease pain and swelling. For acute pain a doctor will sometimes use cortisone injections. Another good option is to have a podiatrist custom make an insert to wear inside your shoe. This is used to reduce pain and to keep the hammer toe from getting worse. There are also foot exercises available that may help restore muscle balance. Also, if in the early stages, a toe splint may help. If none of the above methods help, then surgery may be called for. There are several surgical techniques doctors use to treat hammertoes.

What is Hammer Toe

A hammer toe is a toe that tends to remain bent at the middle joint in a claw-like position. This is potentially very painful. There are two types of hammer toe.

A flexible hammer toe has the ability to be straightened manually.

A rigid hammer toe cannot be pulled straight and can be extremely painful. After time, the top of the toe may press up against the shoe, potentially causing corns or calluses (thickened skin), which are also painful.

The sooner a hammer toe is treated, the more favorable the outcome. If you suspect you have this condition, contact your doctor.

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