How to restore natural skin color?
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You can restore your skin's natural color by making changes in your diet -- start by increasing the amount of water you drink - reducing smoking and your alcohol intake can also aid in restoring skin to its natural color.Secondly, start increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat -- fruits and vegetables both contain natural antioxidants that help promote healthy skin color.

What is Color Blindness

Color blindness usually affects a person's ability to distinguish between shades of red and green or between shades of blue and yellow. Complete color blindness, which is very rare, causes a person to see most objects in shades of gray.

Color blindness occurs when light-sensing chemicals in the eye do not work properly.

If you suspect you have this condition, contact your doctor. Although most color blindness cannot be cured or treated, you can learn simple ways to manage your difficulty seeing color differences. Some cases of color blindness may indicate another illness that will require treatment.

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