Key to Faster Fat Burning Discovered

FILE - In this July 7, 2011 file photo, people walk on the street in Montpelier, Vt. The battle of the bulge so far has been a big, fat failure for U.S. drugmakers. But that hasnt stopped them from trying. For nearly a century, scientists have struggled to come up with a diet pill that helps people lose weight without causing side effects that range from embarrassing digestive issues to dangerous heart problems. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File)

Enzymes involved in breaking down fat can now be manipulated to work a whopping three times harder. Chemists at the University of Copenhagen have figured out how to control a molecular on/off button and their finding could have "massive implications for curing diseases related to obesity including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even skin problems like acne," according to a release from the university.

Not only that, but the implications may be even wider. In fact the release goes so far as to claim that this is "possibly the most important discovery in enzymology," the branch of science that deals with the biochemical nature and activity of enzymes. The study was publishedin the Journal of the american Chemical Society.

The release quotes researcher Dimitrios Stamou of the Department of Chemistry as saying, "If many enzymes turn out to be switched on in the same way as the ones we’ve studied, this opens a door to understanding and maybe curing a wide range of diseases. ” 

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