What do birthmarks mean in asian culture superstitions?
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Sometimes pregnant Japanese women are told not to look into a fire because to do so may cause their baby to be born with a birthmark that looks like a burn. Mongolian spot birthmarks are often called "blue spot," which some Japanese think is the mark of Kami-Sama who is the goddess of childbirth.
In Chinese lore, certain birthmark shapes are good or bad omens. A dragon, for instance, is a good omen. How you can have a dragon-shaped birthmark is beyond me.

What is Birthmarks

Birthmarks are colored spots on the skin that babies are born with or develop shortly after birth. More than 10 in 100 babies have birthmarks.

These marks vary in color from bright red, pink, brown, tan, and bluish. Birthmarks can be flat on the surface of the skin or raised. Birthmarks are labeled by their colors and consistencies.

The most common type of birthmarks include:

Caf�©-au-lait spots-These are light tan colored spots. Having up to three such spots on your body is usually fine. Having more than three caf�©-au-lait spots can possibly indicate a condition called Neurofibromatosis , a genetic disorder that causes skin tumors.

Hemangioma -These are usually flat or slightly raised and bright red or bluish in color. They may appear anywhere on the body, but are often found on the face, head, and neck. Hemangiomas are usually present at birth or develop during the first few weeks of life. These birthmarks tend to grow quickly during the first 12 months of your child's life. But they tend to stop growing after the first year and then slowly disappear. They may also be found inside the body. Two types of hemangiomas include: Strawberry hemangioma-This type of hemangioma is usually raised up a bit from the skin and bright red like a strawberry. This bright red coloring is due to numerous, dilated blood vessels found close to the surface of the skin. These hemangiomas usually go away on their own by age ten (age five in almost half of children). Most do not require any treatment, unless they ulcerate or are located in places where they could impair normal body functions, such as around the mouth, nose, eyes, anus, or throat. Cavernous hemangioma-This type of hemangioma is beneath the skin. It is puffier than a strawberry hemangioma and also more bluish in color. These types of hemangiomas are less likely to resolve on their own. Facial hemangiomas are occasionally associated with similar vascular malformations of the brain, so your physician may recommend MRI imaging to determine whether this is present.

Macular stain-These are often called angel's kisses or stork bites. These harmless birthmarks are pinkish or light red and can be found anywhere on your child's body, but most commonly on the back of the head and neck. Usually they are barely visible. No treatment is necessary for this type of birthmark.

Moles-Moles appear as dark brown or black spots. Nearly everyone has small moles. They usually begin to appear after birth and are actually small groupings of colored (pigmented) skin cells.

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