Benefits of Brewers Yeast

If youre looking for a pepper-upper, consider taking brewers yeast. Some nutritionists say its even better than taking a vitamin supplement.

A byproduct of beer-making, brewers yeast is one of the best sources of B-complex vitamins. It contains sixteen amino acids, fourteen minerals, and seventeen vitamins. It is also 40 to 50 percent protein one of the basic building blocks of the human body. Moreover, there are only twenty-eight calories per tablespoon.

The B-complex vitamins are active in providing the body with energy. But many Americans are deficient in this group of vitamins. One reason for this is that Americans eat so many processed foods from which the B vitamins have been removed. If a person is tired, irritable, nervous, or depressed, a B-vitamin deficiency may be the cause.

Brewers yeast is available in powder, flake, and tablet form, but it is not all the same. Although brewers yeast is the richest natural source of B-complex vitamins, it does not contain the vital B12 vitamin. In picking a brand of brewers yeast, its therefore important to make sure that this ingredient has been added. Check the label.

The easiest way to take brewers yeast is in powdered form one tablespoon of powder equals about sixteen tablets. Because a full dose can upset the stomach, its best to start out with a small amount daily one teaspoon gradually increasing the amount to as much as four tablespoons a day.

One drawback to brewers yeast is its taste often compared to moldy dirt which is why many brands are either flavored or processed to be tasteless. Moreover, when used in a recipe for pancakes, or in a milkshake or orange juice the natural taste of the yeast is overcome. Some folks even develop a taste for it and sprinkle it on their cereal.

Robin Westen writes about health for national magazines.

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