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What is Heart Attack

A Heart Attack occurs when blood flow to the heart is interrupted. This deprives the heart muscle of oxygen, causing tissue damage or tissue death. Other names for heart attack include coronary attack, myocardial infarction, coronary thrombosis, and coronary occlusion.
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What Is Heart Disease? Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the UnitedStates. There are many different types of heart diseasesome arecongenital (people are born with them), while a majority of heartdiseases develop over the course of time and affect people later inlife. Heart and blood vessel diseases are often referred to as "silentkillers" b...Read more

Heart Attack Causes

A heart attack may be caused by: Thickening of the walls of the arteries feeding the heart muscle (coronary arteries)Accumulation of fatty plaques in the coronary arteriesNarrowing of the coronary arteriesSpasm of the coronary arteriesDevelopment of a blood clot in the coronary arteries ...
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New Insight Into Cardiac Arrest Sometimes the misfortune of one patient can open a new window into health care. In one recent instance, the patient was a young Swedish man who went into cardiac arrest. When researchers at Sahlgrenska University Hospital at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden began looking into the cause of the mans condition (he survived, thanks to paramedics), ...Read more

Heart Attack Risks

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Heart Attack Risks Revealed Add these to a multitude of factors leading to the risk of suffering a first -- or second -- heart attack: Researchers in Israel, Michigan and Washington state say there's a 50 percent risk of sudden cardiac arrest if a close family relative suffered a similar attack. And Belgian scientists say the risk is high for individuals with a "typ...Read more

Heart Attack Symptoms

Chest pain is the hallmark symptom of a heart attack. But not everyone having a heart attack experiences the same crushing pain. In particular, women, the elderly, or people with diabetes may experience no pain, or atypical symptoms. If you experience chest pain or any of the symptoms listed below...
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Heed the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack The American Heart Association informs us that coronary heart disease is America's number one killer. Stroke is number three, as well as being a leading cause of serious disability. To reduce your risk factors for cardiovascular disease, know the warning signs and know how to respond quickly and properly. According to the AHA, some heart attacks ar...Read more

Heart Attack Prevention

You can lower your risk of heart attack by making modifications to your lifestyle. If you have already had a heart attack, or have several risk factors for heart disease that put you at high risk, your doctor may recommend certain medications to lower your risk of first or recurrent heart attack....
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Potassium Is Good for the Heart By Kyle Roderick ThirdAge Staff The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a claim stating that diets containing foods high in potassium and low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Eating daily servings of potassium-rich foods such as orange juice and bananas may be a wise move for the 50 million Americans who h...Read more

Heart Attack Treatment

The treatment and management of heart attack involves emergency medical care before and after reaching the hospital, medications, lifestyle changes and, possibly, a cardiac procedure or surgery. The goals of treatment are to restore blood flow to the heart muscle and prevent another heart attack. Treatmen
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Alternative Treatments for Hypertension by Richard Glickman-Simon, MD Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a classic example of a silent disease. Like most major chronic degenerative conditionscancer, diabetes, coronary artery diseasehypertension tends to produce its symptoms long after the disease process has begun. When ...Read more
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