How to fix a heart murmur?
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1. Relax. Whether or not there’s a problem with your ticker, try to stay calm. Stressing will in no way help either a healthy or an unhealthy heart. Keep this important little detail in mind as well: a vast majority of heart murmurs are completely normal and harmless, and it’s unnecessary to fix a heart murmur that’s benign (a.k.a. don’t fix what isn’t broken). 2. Relax again. If your heart murmur is being caused by a pre-existing condition like the ones mentioned before, the issue will most likely resolve itself once the cause has been treated. You can often easily fix a heart murmur by fixing the infirmity. 3. Factors. If you do have a heart murmur that requires treatment due to abnormality, the cure you can or will receive will depend on just how bad the cause of the problem is and how much damage your heart has sustained. Many instances of atypical murmurs are due to congenital heart defects, but they can also be cause by holes in the heart, an infection within the heart, or a tumor on the heart. 4. Younger means better. Children are more “at risk” for benign heart murmurs, whereas adults tend to be the ones who have actual abnormalities. Strange, that it is, but if your child has a fluttery heart and their doctor has not yet picked up on any kind of defect in his or her body, you can breathe and rest. 5. Treatments. Okay, now we’ll get into the actual ways to fix a heart murmur…there are really only a couple. If you’ve got a heart murmur, you’re either going to get put on medication or undergo surgery. The meds are for infections and heart failure, while surgery is to correct any kind of defects present in the heart. 6. Prevention. If you don’t want to develop a heart murmur, the best things you can do are those two things most people cringe at, but are advised to do to help with pretty much any health issue: diet and exercise. Staying in shape, being active, and not eating yourself to death will reduce your risk of clogged arteries and high blood pressure, which will, in turn, help stave off a heart murmur. However, you should be cautious about a workout regimen if the cause is a heart defect because too much physical activity could potentially cause further damage to the heart.In short, a heart murmur is not fatal and it’s not the end of the world. So if you have one and your doctor expresses no major concern, then try not to worry yourself into a heart attack over it.

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