Great Halloween Getups for GrownUps

  • Great Halloween Getups for GrownUps Having difficulty tapping your alter ego for Halloween? Have no fear! Weve got a couple of cant-go-wrong ideas that are sure to please and in some cases, spook.

    By tapping Dan Haight, chief operating officer, of, got the inside scoop of whats hot, whats new, whats a little sexy, and whats classic for this years festivities.

    Read on to find the top trends in adult costumes, as well as some suggestions for dressing up kids, grandkids, and precious pets.

  • For those of a certain age

    For those of a certain age Go sexy.

    According to Haight, girls just want to be sexy and often, costume trends follow what pop culture prescribes. We have a Slave Girl Princess Lea costume that has been a popular sell this year, he says. He also sites a couple of always-sexy classics, including pirate wenches and various vixens.

    Sexy cat costumes are also a favorite for femme fatales. For men, however, the end goal is not sexiness, but funniness.

  • Looking for a laugh?

    Looking for a laugh? Go for illusionist costumes, says Haight, such as BuyCostumes illusion bull rider getup.

    Men are always looking for whats humorous. And sometimes that really pushes the envelope.

  • If youre coupled up ...

    If youre coupled up you might be considering dressing up as a dynamic duo. Its a popular trend.

    His and her vampires and devil costumes are always great, says Haight.

    Or, go as a famous cartoon couple like Olive Oil and Popeye, Prince Charming and an Enchanted Princess, or The Flintstones.

    More of a fun-and-games couple? Take a lead from Cathy and her boyfriend Roger (not their real names).

    Last Halloween, Roger dressed up as a chick magnet. We attached those candy Peeps to all over him and I dressed up as a big, giant yellow chicken. We actually took second place in that partys costume contest, says Cathy.

  • What about the kids?

    Kids costumes are driven by TV and movies, says Haight. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, the Joker, Hannah Montana those characters are all huge this year.

    Traditional costumes are also popular choices for parents and grandparents who are taking their child or grandchild trick-or-treating. Superheroes, animals, and princesses are sure winners.

    Another good choice for adult or child? Harry Potter. Harry Potter is already a classic, says Haight.

  • ... and your favorite pooch?

    If your pet is on your list of things to deck out for the holiday, youre in luck as there are a variety of costumes available at pet stores and the trend of pet-dressing is picking up pace.

    BuyCostumes also has a big assortment of pet costumes, says Haight. Mostly, theyre for small dogs, but we do have some costumes that run to extra large. Cats, though, dont usually like costumes.

    Favorites include bumble bees, prisoners, and Happy Halloween tees.

  • Mask your identity ...

    Even if youre not that into Halloween and dont want to commit to an entire costume, consider masking your identity.

    With the Presidential election just around the corner, a popular choice for this years festivities is to choose your partys candidate and show your support by becoming that person.

    You can also choose a Halloween mask thats sure to scare. Creepy ghouls, ghosts, clowns, and character favorites, like Jason or Freddy, are popular for those who love the fright factor of the eerie night.