How to get dog urine smell out of my couch?
We have a dog that has incontinence issues while she sleeps and my dear husband can't seem to keep her off of the couch. She has a "spot" that she sleeps in that is gross. I have tried the carpet cleaning machine to suck the pee and smell out and we soak it in a pet enzyme cleaner every time she pees.Aside from getting it through his head that she can't sleep on the couch is there anything else I can do to get the smell out and gone for good?The couch cushions are NOT removable either :(Maybe just a new couch? Any help would be appreciated!
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you could pee on my face i would enjoy that very much
Might as well get a new one...otherwise use Febreze fabric refreshers :)
Train the dog to stay off the furniture. It's really not difficult.Or have a special cushion for the dog to lay on.
If i'm not mistaken, you can find at the pet store a spray that removes animal secretions from fabrics. If usually removes smells as well.
I you have steam cleaned the couch after using enzymes, I guess a new couch is in order. I have never found a solution. Febreze works for awhile, but wears off.
ok people laugh when i say this but i have a light blue carpet and and a puppy does not go well when she use to pee i use to use bleach and the house would stink of it and would leave patch's all over the place one day i rushing out the door and i see a wee wee patch my puppy did so i just grabbed a baby wipe and put so washing up Liquid on it and now i do it all the time get the smell out smells of abby wipes and the washing up Liquid cleans the spot just try it got nothing to lose :)
Better get a new couch but get a car matt for her side. One of the travel blanket matts that are water proof. Hubby isn't going to keep her off so you have to protect the new couch. Throw a blanket you can wash on her spot and enjoy your new couch.
~1) Consider incontinence dog diapers.~2) The smell is not going to come out because she keeps peeing there and the material is soaked all the way down in urine.~3) Consider getting a new couch and covering the spot she lays on with soft plastic & a blanket.~4) The blanket will collect the urine and the plastic will keep it from going any further.
I would just get a new couch and maybe cover the spot that she sleeps in with something so she doesn't ruin it. It is very hard to get that smell out, almost impossible if it has been soiled a lot.
I would probably just get a new couch. I have used white vinegar and water to get the pee smell out of carpet and it works very well but don't know if it would do good for a couch or not.
Poured white vinegar on the area, get it soaked and let it sit about 30 minutes then rinse it with water. Then let it dry on its own. I've also heard that a good baking soda and water concoction. Mix it into a paste and put it over the area, then scrub with a sponge and rinse. For the vinegar smell try to get some febreeze. The vinegar scent will eventually go away. If that doesn't work there's a good product called Nature's Miracle. It's worked on my carpets with pet scents. I've also heard a mix of Hydrogen peroxide and water works but I haven't tried that. Be sure to test an inconspicuous area of the couch with the peroxide and Nature's Miracle before using it.

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