You Can Study Anything Online

Everyone who sits down at a computer is learning a new skill. So it's not much of a leap to taking a class online. ThirdAge offers a variety of free classes.

Virtual University claims to be the world's largest online learning community, serving half a million students and alumni in 128 countries. VU Web Manager Richard Dean says "nearly 60 percent of our students at Virtual University are in the 40-59 age bracket, and this is by far our largest audience."

The highest enrollments are for courses in HTML and Web page design, writing, and inspirational subjects such as self-help, religion and philosophy. For just $15 registration per term, you can take up to three classes concurrently.

UCLA Extension offers accredited higher education through "Concierge" course managers are assigned to each course to help you get your feet wet in the waters of online education.

Crafty College specializes in doll making and other crafts. Click on Alumni Hall to see examples of completed student projects.

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