How long can you live with stage iv cancer?
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When people are diagnosed with Stage IV cancer it is terminal which means that it will either be removed by surgery or increase and take over the cells of the body. Depending on what part of the body it affects the lifespan of a person can lasts anywhere from three to a couple of years.

What is Anal Cancer

Anal cancer is cancer of the anus. This is the canal at the end of the large intestine, below the rectum.

Cancer occurs when cells in the body (in this case the cells that cover the lumen of the anus) divide without control or order. Normally, cells divide in a regulated manner. If cells keep dividing uncontrollably when new cells are not needed, a mass of tissue forms, called a growth or tumor. The term cancer refers to malignant tumors, which can invade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body. A benign tumor does not invade or spread.

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