Long Life Tips & Advice

Longevity isn't about physical health alone. Your emotions, relationships and intellect also play a vital part in helping you live longer and better. Our tips, which range from simple to ambitious, can start you today on the road to a better, longer life.

Living A Long Life

Secrets to a Long Life Scientific studies have uncovered the secrets of living longer -- and a good sex life, eating chocolate and positive thinking are all in there. In fact, those who indulge in life's little pleasures are shown to outlive miserable abstainers in any number of studies. But living as long as possible is, according to one piece of research, also dependen...Read more

Healthy Aging

The Nature Path to Good Health Empirical evidence backs up what most of us already know: Being in nature is restorative and relaxing. Merely gazing out on greenery has been shown to speed recovery time for surgical patients and reduce hostility in prison inmates. Exposure to nature can also increase our capacity to concentrate and lessen stress levels. According to other studies...Read more

Aging Attitude

Your Happiness Truly Affects Your Health Public awareness of depression has grown substantially during recent years, to the benefit of many individuals. But recently, health experts have shifted some of the focus to dissecting happiness, too, and considering its impact on long-term health. Happiness is often dictated by one's general outlook on life. Everyone falls somewhere along the opt...Read more
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