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Finding Love on Online: A Personal Story The love affair began over a year ago on the Internet. It hit a new high with a wedding celebration over the weekend. Maureen and Ken Cram exchanged wedding vows at their home in rural New Hampshire with the same firebrand spirit that led them to seek each other out on the Net in the first place. Maureen walked down the aisle (out of the bedroom i...Read more

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20 Best Quotes about Love Ah ... love -- the emotion that Oscar Wilde once called "the highest form of affection" seems to always strike us, elevate us, and then leave us dazed and confused in its aftermath. Defining love may be a fruitless effort, but that doesnt mean countless philosophers, writers, actors and even cartoon characters havent tried over the years. Here are ...Read more

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Do You Want A Man Or A Marriage? A recent cartoon in The New Yorker led me to thoughts of marriage, or more specifically, to contemplate whether it’s the right option for me. In the cartoon, a husband and wife sit in separate chairs, holding magazines. The wife, with an angry look, barks at her husband, “If it’s all random, why are you always here?” ...Read more
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