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Strengthening Your Marriage

CREATE a Marriage Built to Last Is your marriage built to last? The foundation of a lasting partnership rests on six building blocks that form the acronym CREATE: Chemistry, Respect, Enjoyment, Acceptance, Trust, Empathy. When these components are strong and plentiful, your marriage is vital and durable. But, when any of them are weak or in short supply, your marriage becomes t...Read more


11 Tips for Communicating with Your Partner Sure, you and your partner talk to each other. But was that argument about whose turn it was to buy milk really an example of effective communication? Here are some tips to help you move from "gabbing" to really connecting through your conversations.1. Realize that no one "wins" an argument. If you don't leave a discussion with a possible solution ...Read more

Second Marriage

New Ideas for Second Weddings If you're planning to marry for the second or third time, you may not want all of the hustle and bustle that came with wedding number one. offers some new ideas to make your next wedding unique. Often, couples on their second or third marriage want something more intimate and personal -- something that reflects their personalitie...Read more


Dueling Over Dollars It's as inevitable as death and taxes -- fighting over money. Couples are faced with literally hundreds of financial decisions that create fertile ground for disagreement. Financial educator Ruth L. Hayden, author of For Richer, Not Poorer -- The Money Book for Couples (Health Communications), says financial feuds don't have to be the norm. There's...Read more
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