Launches Nursing Home Directory

ThirdAge is happy to announce the launch of a new site feature that allows users to search for nursing homes by state and view comprehensive quality ratings for all featured homes. The ThirdAge Nursing Home Directory will simplify the oftentimes overwhelming process of finding a high-quality nursing home that suits individual needs.

Over 1.5 millions Americans resided in nursing homes in 2004, and there are 1.7 millions beds in 16,100 nursing homes. Sifting through nursing homes to find the right one for your needs can be a time consuming task. With ThirdAge's new searchable directory, you can locate homes by state and city. View the sample state profile pages for Florida, California, and New York to familiarize yourself with the search feature.

You can also view quality ratings for each home. The five-star rating scale evaluates the homes quality based on health inspections, care staff, nursing staff, and quality measures. Each rated home includes a Safety and Care analysis which lists the number of certified beds, dates of health inspections, number of residents, number of RN hours per patient per day, and more. The analysis also tracks the change in resident health while at the nursing home by listing the percentage of residents who, for example, develop infections or sores. View the ratings page for Bedford Village Nursing Home to familiarlize yourself with the information provided for all homes.

The new directory can be accessed at ThirdAge Nursing Home Directory , or by pasting into your brower's web address box.

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