Menopause Symptoms & Treatment

What are the symptoms of menopause? Should you take HRT for treatment? How to best cope with vaginal dryness? From dealing with hot flashes, to avoiding menopudge and keeping your sex life vibrant, learn all you need to know about handling menopause.

What is Menopause

Menopause is the natural end to menstruation (monthly periods). Most American women experience this around the age of 50. However, some women can experience menopause as early as 40 years old or as late as 60 years old. If menopause occurs prior to age 40, this is thought to be abnormal and is called premature menopause.
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What Is Perimenopause? According to Stedman's Medical Dictionary, menopause is defined as the permanent cessation of the menses. This condition may be diagnosed in retrospect, when one year has passed since the last menses. Well thats pretty cut and dry and it's nice to know it was menopause you were going through last year. But what can you do now? We know the average a...Read more

Menopause Causes

Natural menopause is a gradual process. The ovaries begin producing lower amounts of estrogen and other steroid hormones prior to menopause during a phase called perimenopause. When menopause occurs before the age of 40 it is called premature menopause. Premature menopause can occur naturally but...
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28 Cues That Menopause Is on Its Way The big question many women ask about menopause is, "When?" No one can really tell you when menopause will arrive, although it would be comforting to know the exact year so you could mentally prepare yourself. The age of menopause differs in every woman. The average age is 51, plus or minus several years either way. Some women ...Read more

Menopause Risks

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Early Menopause Linked to Early Onset Dementia Did you go through menopause earlier than expected? Then there's something you should be aware of: an early menopause/early dementia link. A Dutch researcher suggests that women with early menopause are more likely to suffer from early onset dementia.Tonnie Coppus of Erasmus MC -- a medical center affiliated with Erasmus University in Rotterdam, th...Read more

Menopause Symptoms

Fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone can cause a variety of symptoms. Because each woman experiences menopause differently, some have many symptoms and some have very few. Severity of symptoms also varies a great deal. Symptoms include: Irregular Periods and Irregular Ovulation Shorte...
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Are Irregular Periods a Symptom of Perimenopause? Q: Are very irregular periods a symptom of perimenopause?A: Yes,one of the first symptoms you may notice during perimenopause is irregular periods.The hallmark of perimenopause, which is the phase prior to menopause, is irregularity. We all grow up thinking that when you enter the change of life and become menopausal, your periods just stop. That i...Read more

Menopause Prevention

Because menopause is a natural biological event in every woman's life, there is no way to prevent it from occurring. It will happen. You can, however, take measures designed to reduce your risk of diseases associated with estrogen loss, including osteoporosis and heart disease. These include: Inc...
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Use Exercise to Balance Menopausal Effects Women today are privy to more information about the physical and emotional changes that accompany menopause than ever. We know now that menopause is defined by changes that occur over several years, rather than simply the cessation of menstrual cycles for a period of 12 consecutive months. Health care experts now discuss "perimenopause,"...Read more

Menopause Treatment

Menopause is a natural part of life and does not necessarily require treatment. Decide how to best proceed by talking with your doctor. A treatment plan must be considered on an individual basis-also called a personal health strategy. First, consider how the symptoms are impacting your daily life. ...
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Chill Out Diet for Hot Flashes Although you may have experienced occasional hot flashes at some time in your life, when you're going through menopause, they can be unrelenting and even debilitating. The good news is that some small dietary adjustments may make a big difference in their frequency and intensity.In general, the typical American diet includes a lot of white flour, f...Read more
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