Breasts are Tender, Not Pregnant, Not PMS?
My breasts are sore and "heavy", someone please give advice :[My last period was March 28th, I had sore breasts the week before my period and during my period it stopped. As my period ended, my sore breasts came back. Not only are they sore, but they're swollen. (even my boyfriend said they appear bigger) . It hurts when either boob is held and lightly squeezed, my nipples are sensitive. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? The only advice I have been finding is menopause (which i am 23) and pregnancy (i am sexually active but practice safe sex). Any pointers on how to make this pain go away? I have not changed my caffeine intake or salt intake. I workout 5 times a week. I know that now at this point I should be ovulating (if i have a "normal" schedule") making my breasts become sore/swollen, but this normally only happens 1 week prior to my period. My breasts were sore literally 2 days after my period ended. I don't have any other problems/aches/pains/symptoms.Someone please help :[
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Sometimes 'safe sex' can fail you. There is no such thing as safe sex. Women can still have a period when they are pregnant in very rare cases. Get a test. If you're not pregnant I'd recommend a doctor.
You breast could be just growing since some people do indeed their breast grow through changes in their 20's too. I don't think menopause or pregnancy since you just had your period and wayyyy to young to menopause.

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Menopause is the time when the menstrual period ceases and the ovaries permanently stop releasing eggs. Menopause is considered complete when a woman has been without her period for a full year. Although menopause can occur anytime between ages 40 to 58, the average age is 51 years old.

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