Does Depo provera stop ovulation?
I mean prevent a women from releasing an egg every month, and thus causing menopause to occur later in the women's life until she stops taking Depo? I understand that a period with the bleeding and such would occur regardless of an egg being released. I'm not talking about menstruation.
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I'm sorry I usually don't copy paste, but this will answer your question:Like other methods of birth control, the birth control shot releases a hormone progestin into the body. Hormones are chemicals made in our bodies. They control how different parts of our bodies work.The progestin in the shot works by keeping a womans ovaries from releasing eggs ovulation. Pregnancy cannot happen if there is no egg to join with sperm. The progestin in the shot also prevents pregnancy by thickening a womans cervical mucus. The mucus blocks sperm and keeps it from joining with an egg.The hormone also thins the lining of the uterus. In theory, this could prevent pregnancy by keeping a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus.If you want to read more the website is below. Good luck!
Depo doesn't stop ovulation - it causes the lining of the utuers to be too thin for an egg to be able to implant itself.If I can give you a word of warning - if you can AVOID taking Depo, I strongly recommend it. I took it and now we are having trouble getting pregnant and I've been off of it for 4.5 years now. It can really screw up your system! good luck and Blessings!

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