Seven Natural Ways To Fight Hot Flashes

If youre looking for a way to end your irritating hot flashes, you might have heard that a nutritional remedy, flaxseed, can be helpful. But so far, study results are mixedand its probably better to stick with easier ways of cooling down.

A Mayo Clinic study, which provided the subjects with two tablespoons of flaxseed daily, concluded that flaxseed did improve hot flashes, but not without unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects like bloating. In another study, at the University of Calgary, women ate large amounts of ground flaxseed or soy flour, or were given a placebo. After the six-week trial, the researchers concluded that none of the substances did any good.

But no matter what the studies show, the good news is that there are plenty of simple ways to cool down. Here are some strategies:

1. Dress in layers, so you can peel off one layer after another as you get warmer.
2. Don't wear wool or synthetics, and be wary of silk. Dress in cotton.
3. Avoid turtlenecks and stick to open-neck shirts.
4. Keep ice water on hand.
5. Substitute soft drinks for alcohol. Wine and liquor bring on the heat.
6. Pass on jalapenos and other spicy foods that can be a hot flash trigger, like cayenne, chili peppers, wasabi and hot mustard.
7. Use your freezer liberally. A number of women say opening the freezer at home and sticking their head in brings relief.

Robin Westen is ThirdAges medical reporter. Check for her daily updates. She is the author of Relationship Repair.
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