Simple Solution to Depression

Depression appears to becoming an increasingly common ailment, particularly in the West. A specialist in alternative medicine says something fishy might be the solution.

Dr. John Briffa says there is growing evidence that depression may be related to a decline in the consumption of fish in developed countries. He suggests that eating more oily fish such as tuna, salmon, trout and sardines could rectify the situation because these are rich in fish oils known as EPA and DHA.

He says it is a deficiency of these two substances that is believed to create a predisposition to depression. "The effect of DHA on mood," he adds, "might also explain why those who eat a very low-fat diet in an effort to reduce their cholesterol levels appear to be at an increased risk of depression."

Because the Western diet is relatively short of healthy fats of the omega-3 type, Dr. Briffa says, "it is a good idea for most of us to increase our consumption of these healthy oils." In addition to oily fish, he advises, good sources of omega-3 fats are raw nuts (but beware of possible nut allergies) and seeds.

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Source: healthy gourmet

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