This Weekend's Boomer Movies

  • At last it’s autumn – time to leave the blockbuster action movies and silly romantic comedies behind. This weekend, there are several terrific movies opening – starring Boomers and directed at Boomers. Here’s a preview. Enjoy!

    Dennis Quaid In "Footloose"

    Is there a reason to remake this 1984 teen epic about small-town rebels who defy religious authority to…dance? We’re not sure. But the perpetually hunky Quad, 57, will provide eye candy as the grim minister who wants to make the town dance-free. Miles Teller, a relatively unknown actor, reprises the Kevin Bacon role as Ren McCormack, who helps the town get down on the dance floor. In the original movie, Bacon gyrated while wearing a Walkman. Let’s hope a more advanced product makes an appearance this time around.
  • Steve Martin In "The Big Year" A comedy about birding? Really? Most people don’t ever think about birding, or if they do (which means they’re a birder), they take it really seriously. After all, it’s hard to guffaw when you’re hidden in a forest at dawn waiting for a three-inch creature to make an appearance in the treetops. But Martin, 66, starring in “The Big Year,” might just make this work. Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson are a trio of power birders who are intent on winning an annual contest to spot the rarest bird in North America.
  • Christine Baranski in "Chalet Girl" Although this British comedy is a fairytale in the Bridget Jones tradition (clumsy girl somehow attractive to red-hot guys), it’s got some sharp observations about the differences between upper-class Brits and “chalet girls” – i.e. the seasonal help at Swiss ski lodges. The sugary film gets some spice from "The Good Wife"'s Christine Baranski, 59, as a really formidable woman.
  • Julia Roberts in "Fireflies In The Garden" It’s hard to believe that Julia Roberts, who’s seemed perpetually girlish over the past few decades, is playing a matriarch in Fireflies In The Garden. But her part is that of Lisa Taylor, head of an overachieving family, who finally graduates from college herself in the midst of a tumultuous time for her children. The movie was made a few years ago, and the delay in release isn’t necessarily a good sign. But viewers who have seen previews love it, and in any case Ryan Reynold (People’s 2010 “Sexiest Man Alive”) is on hand.
  • Antonio Banderas in "The Skin I Live In" Banderas, 51, who’s played nice guys more often than not, makes an abrupt U turn with this movie. A surgeon whose wife was burned in a car crash, Banderas is obsessed with finding a way of manufacturing new skin. But to make sure it works, so he decides to wreak horrendous vengeance on the man who raped his daughter. Although Skin was directed by Pedro Almodovar, who made his reputation with surreally hilarious comedies, it doesn’t look like this one will be all that funny.
  • Nicole Kidman In "Trespass" The two Nics (Cage and Kidman, 44) star as a mega-rich couple who try to insure that their home has the best security system in existence. Naturally, there are a few flaws – including an unassuming, handsome worker in the house. That sets the stage for a horrifying home invasion that involves both the couple and their teenage daughter. During their ordeal, Cage, Kidman and their daughter find themselves drawn closer together as they try to escape. Given the lengthy nature of the family’s captivity, this is not for the faint of heart.
  • Kevin Spacey In "Father Of Invention" Kevin Spacey stars in this sardonic comedy about an infomercial king, Robert Axle, who spends ten years in the pen after his ab-cruncher breaks the fingers of thousands of innocent customers. Back on the outside, he finds that his wife has a new guy, the new guy has his old car and his daughter doesn’t want him around for more than 30 days. It’s time to take a minimum-wage job at a big-box store, but can he come up with a product that will make money without injuring anyone? Spacey, 52, who can play any role, whether bad, good or eccentric, is perfect for the part.