Acapulco: 31 Killings Over 4 Days in Mexican City

Acapulco continues to see the death toll rise in the Mexican sea-side city, with the body of a murdered man found on a main highway, Monday.

The discovery brings the number of people killed in Acapulco to 31, over the past four days.

The unidentified man was shot several times in the head, says police official Fernando Monreal Leyva, AP reports.

He says federal, state and local police will try to think of ways to increase security in Acapulco, when they meet Monday.

Since Friday evening, 14 decapitated men and two police officers have tallied the body count.

Most of the killings took place between Friday night and Saturday in non-tourist areas of the Pacific resort city, reports AP.

Drug violence has been on the increase in southern Guerrero state since December 2009.

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