Alia Rose's Father is Not Rick James

 In this 2005 file image originally released by Universal Music, musician Teena Marie is shown. Marie, who made history as Motowns first white female act but developed a lasting legacy with her silky soul pipes and with hits like Lovergirl, Square Biz, and Fire and Desire with mentor Rick James, has died. She was 54.

Alia Rose is currently mourning the passing of her mother, music legend Teena Marie. With her passing, and with Rose's appearance on her mother's current CD Sapphire, many are wondering if there is any truth to the rumors: Is Rick James Alia Rose's father?

Though James helped Teena with her career, he is not the father of Rose.

Teena once said at a concert that the father of Alia was not Rick James, but a postman named Peter. Videos of the announcement can be found on YouTube.

"She knows about her history," said Teena in her home in Pasadena, CA during a 2006 interview.

"She knows about Coretta Scott King. She knows about Dr. King. She would have loved to have seen the Johnson building. And I'm very spiritually deep, so between God and the African-American community, there's nothing we don't talk about. There's nothing she doesn't understand."

Teena also said of singing with her daughter, "When we sing together in harmony, you can't tell us apart. It's like the whole family thing, there's something so magical about that."

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