Android Tablets Gaining on iPad

Android tablets are gaining on the iPad, Andriod head Andy Rubin said. Six million tablets are running Google's OS, showing that the Android is making a name for itself in the iPad-dominated market.

"It's not 30 million, but it's a healthy start," said Rubin, Google's vice president of mobile, according to Forbes Finance News.

Apple sold more than 11 million iPads last quarter, a number that no other tablet even approached. "Obviously, we have to get there," Rubin said, explaining that the company’s main goal is to become a stronger presence in tablets.

This year Google remodeled its Android OS for tablets, focusing on fragmentation issues and increasing the application functionality.

In general, Android is the most successful mobile platform, with more than 500,000 Android devices activated daily. According to Forbes Financial News, if the company can transfer some of its smart phone success to the tablet market, Google’s six million start may expand further and become even more competitive in the market.

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