Ari Up Died from Cancer at the Age of 48

Ari Up, vocalist of punk-reggae group The Slits, has died in Los Angeles from cancer at the age of 48.

Ari Up, real name Ariane Daniele Forster, was the daughter of Sex Pistols lead singer John Lidon. Heavily influenced by her parents music backgrounds, she was only fourteen when she formed The Slits with drummer Palmolive in 1976. By the late seventies, they were touring as the opening act for the The Clash. Ari Up's love of reggae led The Slits into a "jungly" dub style. She was the most flamboyant member of the group: her wild hair and crazy stage outfits became her trademarks

After The Slits split in 1981, she moved with her husband and twin children to jungle regions of Indonesia and Belize, living among indigenous people in those areas. Later, they moved to Jamaica, eventually settling in Kingston.

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