Barry Manilow Says He Wrote Songs in His Sleep

Barry Manilow performs in concert at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida on January 28, 2011.  UPI/Michael Bush


Crooner Barry Manilow has told CNN that some of his most beloved hits came to him while he was dreaming.

He told Piers Morgan that he would hear a tune while he was asleep, wake up, and sing it into a cassette recorder. One noteworthy song that came to him in this fashion was his 1979 hit “One Voice.”

“This one woke me up,” said the 68-year-old singer. “It really woke me up - the whole song, the rhymes, everything. I ran to the cassette machine and I whispered it into the cassette machine. All done. I still have the cassette, singing in the dark, the whole thing. Then I turned it off and went back to sleep."

"I went back in the morning, played it, there it was. Hava Nagila.”

Manilow, whose new albume “15 Minutes” deals with the trials of fame, expressed concern for young starlets who become famous before they are ready.

“I get worried for the kids or the people who wind up in the spotlight without having done their dues - paid their dues. You see it every week on American Idol and X Factor,” he said.

“But before you know it they are household names. They haven't worked in the bars that we worked in, they haven't played the bar mitzvah and they haven't got dressed in the men's room. Being this famous is a very dangerous thing to do if you are not grounded. It's a drug.”

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