Batman 3 Movie Named And Will Be Filmed in 2D

News broke yesterday that the new Batman movie will be called The Dark Knight Rises, and set the internet alight. The release also quashed speculation that the nemesis would be The Riddler. The notoriously tightlipped director, Christopher Nolan, recently spoke to the LA Times and confirmed the details.

The Riddler was the most popular of the potential enemies for this movie, but it was only speculation. The release that Tim Hardy was to be cast in a lead role added fuel to that fire, but now its back to the drawing board.

Nolan also stated that he will not film in 3D, instead opting to film the movie in IMAX as he did with The Dark Knight. Surprisingly, Nolan claims that Warner Bros. fully supports his decision to skip the 3D craze and stick with standard definition.

The future of 3D is uncertain. While manufacturers and movie theaters are desperately trying to convince us its the next best thing, it seems a little weak. Theres no disputing the fact that movies look amazing in 3D, but it seems somewhat clunky when used at home.

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