Betty White Joins Twitter


At some point, the "so and so joins Twitter" stories stopped being news. While debatable exactly when that jump-the-shark moment came, it's undeniable that to not be on Twitter now means either you're nobody, or you're dead.

Clearly, Betty White is neither.

A nonagenarian actress with not just one but two current TV shows jumping aboard a social network that allows roughly just 1.5 characters for every year she's been alive is noteworthy, no matter when it happens. White, a character in her own right, turned 90 in January and joined the Twitter bandwagon on Tuesday.

"Hello Twitter! And they said it would never happen. Oh wait, that was me," proclaimed White's first tweet on the @BettyMWhite account. And while one occasionally wonders whether celebrities' Twitter missives are really their own or those of a social-media savvy assistant, White's purported words carry all the charm and dirty-grandma playfulness that's made her as big of a star now as at any time in her seven-decade career.

"Hey @RyanSeacrest -- my new show airs tomorrow and I hear we're in the same time slot. I've always dreamed of sharing a night with you," came White's most recent tweet, Tuesday evening, in reference to Seacrest's "American Idol." That message followed a tweet and link promoting the new "Betty White's Off Their Rockers," a prank show airing at 7 tonight on NBC.

White, remembered by many for her role on the 1980s hit "The Golden Girls"-- from which she's the last surviving star -- also appears in the TV Land show "Hot in Cleveland," currently in its third season. A new episode of that program airs at 9 tonight.

White, born in Oak Park, Illinois, had amassed more than 157,00 followers by Wednesday evening.

Source: Yellowbrix

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