Boeing Layoffs to Reduce Workforce by 1,100 Employees

Boeing Co. has announced plans to lay off an estimated 1,100 employees in 2011, primarily from its Long Beach, California plant.

The cuts come after the commercial airplane company slashed 4,500 jobs in 2009.

Boeing has experienced reduced demand for the C-17 Globemaster III, a cargo jet produced in the Long Beach facility. An estimated 900 workers in that plant will lose their jobs sometime this year.

Bob Ciesla, program manager for Boeing, stated that the reduction of jobs at Boeing will allow us to keep the production line open beyond 2012, protect jobs and give potential customers more time to finalize their airlift requirements.

Employees at the St. Louis, Macon, Georgia, as well as Mesa, Arizona facilities will also be affected.

Boeing has said that it will try to move laid-off employees to other locations.


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