Buddy Roemer Throws Hat Into the Ring As Americans Elect Candidate

Buddy Roemer

Buddy Roemer, a longshot candidate for the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee, has decided to switch his campaign to the Americans Elect nomination.

In a statement from his campaign reprinted in Slate, Roemer, who has been shut out of Republican debates because he hasn't gained at least two percent of the public support in the polls, said that he was hoping to become the Americans Elect nomination as a Republican, but more so as a proud American.

"Our country is on the wrong track and Americans are in search of real leadership. Leadership that isn't predetermined by lobbyists, political parties, or Wall Street executives, but leadership that is free to do what is right for the citizens of our great nation," he said in the statement.

The Americans Elect nomination was created in order to establish a non-partisan presidential ticket, according to a report from the Huffington Post. Since the former Louisiana governor and ex-Congressman hasn't gained much traction in the Republican race, however, Roemer probably won't pick up much speed as a third party candidate.

Roemer's campaign also struggles with financing, partly because he's announced he won't accept single donations totaling more than $100. He told the New York Times he decided on that number because he figured an average citizen could afford it, and he wants to eradicate corruption and big spending from the campaign trail.

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