Carlina White: How Kidnapped Victim Cracked Her Own 23-Year Old Case

Kidnapping victim,Carlina White pictured beside her baby photo taken around the age she was abducted.

Carlina White began to draw suspicions about her real identity after connecting the dots to a few curious things about herself: she had no birth certificate, or social security number, and did not see any physical resemblances to any of her family members or relatives.

Seeking answers from her known mother, Ann Pettway, the 23 yr. old was told that she had been given away by a woman who used drugs. Despite Pettways response, White still felt a lingering suspicion that something else wasnt right and set off on a whirlwind search through missing children websites before stumbling upon photos whose images were too similar to her own to be mere coincidence.

White, who was renamed Nejdra Nance by her abductor, discovered that she had been kidnapped by Pettway from a Harlem hospital back in August 4, 1987 at only 19 days old after having been brought in by her biological parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson, for a fever.

Pettway had apparently posed as a nurse and took White away from her parents under the pretext of providing White with treatment before fleeing the hospital.

At the time, Pettway had apparently suffered through a series of miscarriages and told authorities that she took White because she feared not being able to have her own child. Pettway offered an apology to Whites biological family.

"You didn't take a bike said Whites biological uncle, Shannon Tyson in an interview with the Associated Press, You took somebody's child, so this ain't no remorse. I can take your bike and give it back to you the next day, you are okay, but not a child. Whites biological father, Carl Tyson, whose marriage to Joy White ended in divorce following their childs disappearance, recalls the way he felt after the sudden realization that he had lost his daughter: [] oh my God, that was like a big part of my heart just was ripped apart he told the Post. White reunited with her biological family earlier this month while Pettway, who surrendered to police this Sunday, faced an arraignment on Monday on a charge for federal kidnapping which carries a 20 yr minimum sentence to a maximum of life in prison. I'm just happy she's back rejoiced Whites Aunt, Lisa White, Thank you God, thank you Jesus. I don't want her to ever go back I want her to stay here.
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