Carol Bartz Defends Yahoo at Web Conference

Carol Bartz, Yahoo CEO, has defended her company at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

She missed last year's event due to illness, but this time around she was back in top form.

As she took to the stage, interviewer John Battelle asked her what has been done to revitalize the Internet giant, which has seen troubled times in recent years.

Bartz told the audience the battle had been to make people understand that Yahoo isn't a search company, saying that component is only "half of (its) business".

Challenged on whether Yahoo would like to be more like Google, Bartz says, "Of course, who wouldnt aspire to be Google. But were not a Google, were Yahoo."

When Bartelle asked her why people should want to work at Yahoo, Bartz replied:

"People really want to make a difference. Engineers want to make a difference. They want to have a really interesting job to do, work on large data sets and we have that.

"We have a stock that I think is going to go up. There still are a lot of fascinating jobs at Yahoo. Were hiring everyday."

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