Cathay Pacific Pilot, Flight Attendant Fired Over Sex Photos

A Cathay Pacific pilot and flight attendant in Hong Kong were fired by the airlines after photos of them having oral sex in the cockpit appeared on an online forum for pilots, the Herald Sun reports.

Several pixellated photos of the incident, published in local Chinese-language media, showed the woman in a red outfit resembling Cathay's cabin crew uniform performing oral sex on a man who the reports said was a pilot.

According to several Chinese newspapers, the pilot and flight attendant are a couple, and the pictures were downloaded from the pilot’s personal computer without his knowledge.

The airlines’ chief executive John Slosar said the incident did not happen while the plane was airborne, but also had this to say to the Herald Sun: “I find any behavior that recklessly soils the reputation of our company or our team members as totally unacceptable.

“That's why we moved as swiftly as we could to ascertain the facts of the case, and to take decisive action.”

A report will be forwarded to Hong Kong's Civil Aviation Department, Slosar added.

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