Chely Wright Marries Girlfriend in Connecticut

Country singer Chely Wright CD signing and performance at Borders NY. Chely was promoting her new CD Lifted off the Ground and read passages from her book Like Me - Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer, her autobiography and story of being a gay woman in the music business. Borders, NY.

Country singer Chely Wright has married her girlfriend just a year after coming out, People reported. The 40-year-old star married Lauren Blitzer at Blitzer’s aunt’s Connecticut home with 200 guests and two white gowns.

The ceremony was presided over by both a reverend and a rabbi, reflecting Wright’s Christianity and Blitzer’s Judaism. Neither wore traditional veils because, according to Wright, they “like [their] hair too much.”

Access Hollywood reported that the marriage was a monumental event in country music, as Wright is one of the first openly gay singers in the genre.

Wright came out in 2010 after years of keeping silent and trying to “pray it away,” the artist told Access Hollywood in an interview.

“Early in my life, I went through what I think a lot of gay people go through, thinking that I could change and pray it away,” Wright said.

She discussed her relationship with fellow country music star Brad Paisley, who was not aware she was gay. It was this relationship that helped spur her to come out, she said.

“When I realized he was wanting forever with me…I could see the damage I was doing to him, and I cut him off completely, cold turkey,” she said.

Her wedding is the end to a long struggle that even included suicidal thoughts in 2006. Now, Wright is a happily married woman.

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