Chinese Fleeceflower: Root Depicts Naked Man and Women

A cluster of ginger roots.

Chinese fleeceflower plant is making headlines today after the roots of a fleece flower plant took the shape of a nude female and male, the Daily Mail reported.

Skeptics might suspect that the roots are man-made, but not so, says owner Fan.

The owner told news that the fleece flower, which depicts a man and woman in all their naked glory (private parts included), was already formed when the plant was pulled from the ground.

Fan spotted the root hanging from a vegetable stall in a small town in Chinas eastern Shandong province. He was so bewildered by his discovery that he paid 600 yuan for italmost a hundred U.S. dollars.

The Daily Mail reports that curious visitors travel from all over China to see the foot-long vegetable couple displayed in his home.

The consumption of fleece flower is believed in Asian to reduce cholesterol, obesity and help fight heart disease.

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