Consumers Confused About Health Care Changes


Seventy-eight percent of consumers who would be eligible for new health care coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have never heard of the state- based health care exchanges where they will have to shop for coverage beginning in 2014, according to new research. In addition, 60 percent of respondents said they believe they will need help in understanding health care insurance terms and descriptions and navigating the complex health care system. The survey was conducted by CVS Caremark.

"Despite all the news coverage about health care reform, these survey results clearly show that consumers are confused about the potential changes to our health care system," said Helena Foulkes, CVS Caremark executive vice president and chief health care strategy and marketing officer. "While awareness of the new law may grow over the next year as new services are put in place, consumers need help understanding the coming changes and support on how to sign up and participate in the exchanges."

In addition, the respondents listed doctors as the most credible source for talking about exchanges, followed by pharmacists, nurse practitioners and independent insurance consultants.

The survey was conducted online and respondents included more than 1,000 consumers; 70 percent of those surveyed currently have no health care coverage and 30 percent are covered by individual insurance policies. The survey did not include people with employer-sponsored insurance, or people currently covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Source: Yellowbrix

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