Craigslist Ad May Be A Link To Dead Body

Craiglist website as it appeared on September 4, 2010 with black censored box in place of Adult Services. Advertisements for adult (previously erotic) services were initially given special treatment, then closed entirely, following a controversy over claims by state attorneys general that the advertisements promoted prostitution. Source: Wikimedia Commons

A fake Craigslist job ad may be linked to the body of a man discovered Friday in Akron, Ohio. The FBI says it is investigating whether this is a second killing connected to the ad.

Vicki Anderson, FBI spokeswoman, said the body was found in a shallow grave near the Rolling Acres shopping mall in Akron, the Cleveland Leader reported.

She said the cause of death and the victim's identification are still under investigation but the FBI is working under the hypothesis the body could be that of a man who answered the ad, reported.

Timothy Kern, 47, of Massillon, Ohio, was last seen the morning of Sunday, Nov. 13, in the Plain Township area.

He had posted a message on Facebook Nov. 10 about a "strange" job offer for a farm hand, the Leader said.

"Just got one of the strangest job offers. A good offer but strange," quoted the posting as saying. "The job is to watch over 680 acres south of cambridge. Odd jobs and such but mainly just secure it. Trailer, utilities, salary. Drawbacks? No cell phone service, kids are up here, and i have to move this sunday."

Kern had family members he was going to meet with the employer that Sunday morning. Since then, no one has heard from him. 

Police believe an ad for a farm hand in southeastern Ohio has been used to lure people who are then robbed.

Another man who responded to the ad was found dead, and one man escaped after being shot, the Leader said.

A juvenile and an adult are in custody.

Anyone with information about Kern's whereabouts is asked to call the FBI in Canton at 330-456-6200.

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