Credit Card Use Increased During Holidays offers 6 tips to maximize the use of rewards credit cards.

Credit card usage increased during the recent days of the holiday season, USA Today reports.

Payments made by credit cards increased by 7.4 percent during the most recent Black Friday sales period, than from a year earlier, according to payment processing group First Data.

Research from analysts Javelin Strategy Research also predicts that credit card payments on internet purchases will rise to 63 percent from this year to 2016. Debit card payments are expected to only rise by 2 percent, the firm said.

There appears to be stark contrast in consumers approach to purchases during and after the recession. Credit card use decreased during the recession as consumers switched to debit card payments in order to keep a tighter leash on their expenses.

But even as consumer debt was falling in the third financial quarter, credit card applications shot up in the second quarter, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported.

Bill Hardekopf, CEO of, believes credit card popularity may have been increased by the fact that many banks were charing retailers when customers paid with debit cards. Banks began to give better rewards for credit card programs.

Credit card companies and banks have also lowered their application standards, making it all the more easier for consumers to get a credit card.

Figures from First Data also revealed that more consumers were making personally indulgent indulgences, such as on travel and restaurants, all of which are more commonly paid for by credit card, USA Today reports.

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