Dan Malloy Wins Gubernatorial Election in Connecticut

Dan Malloy has defeated Republican opponent Tom Foley and won the gubernatorial bid in Connecticut, the Associated Press reported Friday afternoon.

Malloy will be the first Democrat governor of Connecticut in twenty years.

Connecticut's election for governor was plagued by a series of issues with polling locations on Election Day, delaying the official announcement of Malloy's win.

In Bridgeport, a shortage of thousands of ballots forced many voters to vote on photocopied ballots and even caused many polls to turn voters away.

To compensate for the difficulties, some Bridgeport polls were court-ordered to extend the voting day an extra two hours.

WSFB reports that Foley does not plan to seek a recount but does want to make sure every vote is counted before any decisions are made.

AP's official count has Malloy winning by 7,762 votes. The secretary of the state's website says that Malloy is ahead by 5,644 votes.

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