Discovery Channel Announces New Series “Curiosity”

Robin Williams at a movie premiere.

The Discovery Channel will soon be airing a new reality series, “Curiosity,” starring Robin Williams and Brendan Fraser and directed by Eli Roth.

The series will explore mysterious questions, such as how drugs work, what lies beneath Egypt’s ground, and how the world will end. The series will air 60 episodes over a five year period.

In the pilot episode, Stephen Hawking will tackle the creation debate. In another episode, Roth, who directed horror movies such as “Hostel,” will explore what it means to be evil.

The Post-Gazette quotes Roth as saying, “The very idea of, ‘Does evil exist?’ fascinated us because evil for a lot of people depends on which side you’re on. If someone is a suicide bomber, to some they are evil incarnate but to other people they are a hero. We thought that was a more interesting subject. … When an atrocious act is displaced on a third party, how are we able to absolve the guilt of that and commit that act?”

Roth is hopeful that the show will inspire curiosity so that even if viewers have made up their minds on the answer to a question posed, they will think outside the box and explore various issues from both sides.

According to executive producer Simon Andreae, the goal of “Curiosity” is to “ask questions about ourselves, our world and our place in the universe.”

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