Dugan Smith's Leg Reattached Backwards After Cancer Treatment

Dugan Smith, after fighting bone cancer, is able to keep up his previously active lifestyle after doctors have managed to reattach his right leg – backwards.

Smith, 13, was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2008 and had to undergo surgery to amputate his knee and thigh. He chose to have “rotation-plasty,” which means his lower leg was turned around and attached to the remainder of his thigh, allowing his ankle to take the place of his knee. There were a number of procedures available, but this was the only one that would allow him to keep his leg. The surgery cut out the middle part of his leg and rotated the bottom half 180 degrees to move it up and reattach it to the blood vessels. It was performed at James Cancer Hospital in Ohio.

Less than three years after the amputation surgery, Smith is able to play sports such as baseball and basketball and go skiing.

“I didn't know if I was ever going to be able to run again. I didn't know if it was going to work so there was a hundred things running through my mind and I just try to stay positive,” Smith told Fox 8 News.

Smith doesn’t plan to give up his dream of playing in the Major League. 

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