Ellen Degeneres-Related to Kate Middleton

Ellen Degeneres recently revealed that she is related to Prince Williams fianc, Kate Middleton.

Degeneres, the popular daytime talk show host, revealed that she is related to the future royalty this week.

Although Degeneres is very distantly related to Middleton (the two are 15th cousins), she stated jokingly that she is expecting an invite to the wedding.

Degeneres also announced that if she did not receive an invitation (despite the strong family ties), she would be up to planning Middletons Bachelorette Party. Despite, Degeneres jokes about the relationship between the two celebrities, the information proves to be quite interesting and entertaining.

The New England Genealogical Society provided Degeneres with the news. The pair are related through a man named Sir Thomas Fairfax.

Source: usmagazine.com, washington post

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