Elton John Chooses Lady Gaga To Be His Sons Godmother

elton john adopts a son

Elton John, music icon, has chosen another icon of a different generation as his son Zacharys godmother. Lady Gaga is who he has chosen.

Elton Johns partner, David Furnish, and father to son Zachary, said this about the pop icon, She believes you can be whoever you want to be, we dont have to live in a world of conformity and we can all benefit from individuality.

The couple could not be happier with their son, who was born in December 2010.

The only thing that could make them happier was having such an accepting and strong idol in Zacharys life.

Lady Gaga has been very vocal on her belief in gay rights and HIV/AIDS awareness. The couple could not think of a more inspiring godmother for their beloved son.

Source: OnTheRedCarpet.com

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