Facebook Photoshop Scam Hits More than 600,000

A new Facebook photoshop scam has claimed upwards of 600,000 people as of Monday morning and continues to affect the hugely popular social networking site.

On the Facebook Chat window, users receive a message from a friend that says "hey, i just made a photoshop of you.' The message includes a link to a third-party application that asks to be granted access to your profile, a common interaction across Facebook's expansive network of applications.

Once you've granted access to the app, it barrages you with pictures of animals with human-like faces as it begins spamming your friends through Chat.

M86 Security Labs reports, "The scam is spreading rapidly. Over 88,000 clicks per hour."

Fortunately, the scam is a relatively benign one-M86 reports "the destination site results in no malicious infection and does not lead to a survey scam." The best solution is go to the Privacy Settings control in your account and remove the application's ability to access your profile information.

Facebook's social network encompasses more than 600 million active users and is still growing.

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