Farrakhan Warns Mid-East Protests Will Hit the U.S.

Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam Minister, told thousands of attendees at the Chicago-based Saviours Day convention Sunday that the United States will experience uprisings similar to those now occurring in the Arab world.

"God is stimulating the rise of the masses and soon it will come to these shores," Farrakhan told the crowd.

Saviours Day celebrates the founding of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhans speech, titled God Will Send His Saviors concluded the convention, which followed several days of workshops and events focused on the group's mission of black nationalism and self-reliance.

Farrakhan, 77, also discussed the groups belief in UFOs.

He claimed there have been governmental attempts to cover-up proof of the wheel, which he says many call UFOs.

During last year's Saviours' Day speech, Farrakhan discussed a vision he had in Mexico in 1985 involving an object he calls "the wheel." Using charts, photos and drawings, he spent almost four hours describing how he was invited aboard and heard Elijah Muhammad speak to him. Farrakhan says that experience gave him inside information about future events.

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