Florida High Speed Rail Project Cancelled, but Floridians Fight Back

The Florida high speed rail line project was cancelled after the states governor Rick Scott rejected more than $2 billion in funds provided by the Obama administration

Despite the rejection, Floridians have hope that the project may be resurrected. According to Tampa Bays WTSP News, Democrats and Republicans, business leaders and environmentalists -- a broad group had come together to back the Tampa-to-Orlando project and the 23,000 jobs the rail would create for the state.

Senator Bill Nelson and his lawyers are researching possible loopholes that will sidestep the governor.

"Could the cities of Tampa, Lakeland, and Orlando be an entity that could sponsor this? We don't know the answers to those questions, but that's the legal research that is going on right now," Sen. Nelson said to the news channel.

All three mayors of the major cities on the proposed line route are in support of the project, says WTSP News, and will do what they can to bring it back on track.

In the meantime, California has hopes of completing their own high speed rail that would stretch from Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, to Los Angeles and Orange County, and down to San Diego.

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