Fried Bubble Gum Talk of Texas State Fair

Fried bubble gum is the latest fried food phenomenon making the rounds on the internet.

Fried bubble gum made its debut at the Texas State Fair Monday where it joined fried twinkles, fried candy bars and even fried butter in the venerable ranks of fair food.

The Texas State Fair has a competition to determine the best tasting and most creative fried food. This year, the Seventh Annual Big Tex Choice Award for Most Creative went to Justin Martinez for his fried bubble gum. Martinez told NBC affiliate WISE news that the idea for fried bubble gum came from one of his employees.

"What we do is we infuse the marshmallow with bubble gum extract and that's where it gets the flavor," Martinez said, detailing the next step as putting some pink batter in the fryer. "And with a little bit of blue icing on top and then those chicklets to give it some color, it gives a nice appeal… It almost has that blow up effect where it almost looks like someone's blowing a bubble."

Of winning, Martinez said "I couldn't believe it," according to the Dallas Star-Telegram. "I was shocked. I tried so many years. I always said that one day, it would be great to… be one of the top two… It's unreal."

The Best-Tasting prize went to Allan Weiss for his Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack. Weiss took a skewered buffalo chicken strip, coated it with flapjack batter and rolled it in jalepeno bread crumbs before deep-frying the whole thing.

"There were a lot of good entries," Weiss said of the competition, according to the Star-Telegram. "They all deserve to win."

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